Friday, December 20, 2019

Ams Aims to Expand Market for its Miniature Endoscopic Camera

BusinessWire: ams releases the NanoVision and NanoBerry evaluation kits, which provide a ready-made platform for the development of innovative solutions based on the NanEyeC miniature image sensor. The NanEyeC camera is a full-featured image sensor supplied as a tiny 1mm x 1mm surface-mount module. This small form factor can produce an amazing 100kpixel resolution up to 58fps.

The new NanoVision demo kit for the NanEyeC is based on an Arduino development platform. The NanoBerry evaluation kit uses a NanEyeC image sensor add-on board to the Raspberry Pi board. Ams considers a multitude of new markets spanning from low frame-rate applications like presence detection to more demanding operations like eye tracking or stereo vision systems.

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