Monday, December 09, 2019

Sony Announces 2x2 On-Chip Lens For Mobile Sensors

SonyAlphaRumors: Sony presents 2x2 On-Chip Lens (OCL) technology for high-speed focus, high-resolution, high-sensitivity, and HDR:

"In conventional technologies, the variance in sensitivity per pixel caused by the structure (described below), which places an on-chip lens that spans four pixels, was a major issue. However, we have successfully developed a high-performance image sensor with high image quality through optimization of the device structure and the development of a new signal processing technology."

The main features of the Sony lens structure:
  • Phase differences can be detected across all pixels
  • Improved phase difference detection performance (focus performance)
  • Focus performance at low light intensity
  • Focus performance that does not depend on the object shape or pattern
  • Real-time HDR output


  1. Soon they'll invent one big pixel indtead of four small))

  2. Why not just make a pixel that's 1 full row with infinite resolution? Resolution is determined by the readout. Column readout is moved into the row space.
    Go one step further and stack the same technology (top stack is semi-transparent enough for bottom stack to work) in the column space, makes for an infinite resolution global shutter sensor. :D

  3. It's not new, AR1630 and AR0430 already use 2x2 OCL 3 years ago


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