Sunday, December 15, 2019

Light Co. Changes its Focus to Automotive 3D

Light Co. appears to change its main technology focus to automotive 3D perception. The L16 camera and Nokia 9 smartphone info has been moved to the "Case Studies" tab on Light web site.

"A missing piece in long-range depth perception

For automobiles to safely navigate the real world, they need to be able to perceive as humans do: a full picture with accurate depth throughout ranges. Lidar provides accurate information, but only up to a point, and with limited resolution. Radar detects when an object is in the far distance but it isn't sophisticated enough to discern whether its a truck or a barn. The range that radar is truly capable of is also often far less than claimed.

The Opportunity

The hole that exists in long-range, accurate sensing for ADAS/ADS is where Light comes in. We are developing an incredibly resilient perception technology that provides precise object detection, definition, and tracking through extended ranges. All in real-time."


  1. Wow. 200m case study. Sad for their investors. The depth map they show here is So So full of errors. It’s amazing they still show it

  2. Bad for those talent engineers who contributed to L16 and Nokia projects since most of them got cut off since July.

  3. Light took 2,000 dollars from every customer it sold an L16 camera to and doesn't have the decency to use further huge endowments of money to staff a small support team. Nobody ever told any of us it was happening and no message ever comes from the company when support is asked for. I just spent an hour trying to track down anyone official to almost no avail. Hope their tech crashes and burns.


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