Wednesday, December 18, 2019

TechInsights Reviews 2019 Trends and Achievements

TechInsights Senior Technology Analyst Ray Fontaine publishes an interesting summary of 2019 achievements "Imaging + Sensing End-of-Year Highlights." The most important points are:

  • Smartphone imaging: Push to higher resolutions, sub-micron pixels, larger sensor areas
  • More experiments with PDAF, new CFA patterns
  • ToF pixel pitch reduced down to 5um
  • Event-driven sensors show up in mass market products (Samsung S5K231YX DVS inside home monitoring system)

Looking into 2020, "We are looking forward to more back-illuminated global shutter products to analyze, continued high resolution and sub-micron pixel development, enhanced near-infrared (NIR) sensors, and the push towards non-Si detectors."

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