Sunday, December 22, 2019


GPixel publishes a fairly detailed datasheet explaining 4MP, 6.5um pixel GSENSE2020BSI sCMOS sensor operation and performance (link to datasheet file has been removed on GPixel request):

"Same as other sCMOS sensors in the GSENSE series, GSENSE2020BSI outputs the image signal from both the top readout chain and the bottom readout chain simultaneously. These two images have exact the same exposure time, but different analog gains, where the low gain (LG) image is optimized for high full well capacity, and the high gain (HG) image is optimized for low readout noise. User may combine both high gain (HG) and low gain (LG) images from the sensor to generate one HDR image off-chip. Figure 1 shows the sensor operation for high dynamic range (HDR) image combination."

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