Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Gpixel Announces Red Fox NIR-Enhancing Technology

Gpixel announces a NIR-enhanced version of its GMAX0505 sensor, a 26MP global shutter CMOS sensor in a square 1.1” optical format. The GMAX0505 and the new NIR-enhanced GMAX0505RF are part of Gpixel’s 2.5 µm pixel family of pin-compatible C-mount sensors for industrial and scientific applications.

Typically, NIR sensitivity is enhanced by increasing the thickness of the sensor’s epitaxial layer. However, this impacts MTF and limits the effective resolution of the sensor. The new Red Fox process modifies the
sensor’s sensitive layer to achieve an optimal balance between NIR sensitivity and MTF.

The GMAX0505RF achieves a QE of almost 34% at 850 nm and 14% at 940 nm. In comparison, based on publicly available EMVA test data some competitive image sensors only offer a QE of 20% at 850 nm. This equates to a 70% improvement in QE performance.

As the Red Fox process can be applied to any GMAX products, Gpixel’s anticipates other GMAX RF products will be released in the near future. Engineering samples of the GMAX0505RF are available now for evaluation.


  1. Replies
    1. MTF stands for modulation transfer function

    2. There are a few "optics basics" articles on the website of edmund optics - for example for MTF: https://www.edmundoptics.com/knowledge-center/application-notes/imaging/modulation-transfer-function-mtf-and-mtf-curves/

  2. Is there any technical (non-marketing) information provided?

  3. Smells like pyramid structure technology to trap NIR light to increase QE.

  4. Good detector, we are now completing the development of the camera.
    It is not easy to pick up a lens for such a small pixel 2.5 um.


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