Sunday, December 08, 2019

Sony Presents its Production Quality Control System

IFNews quotes Mynavi review of Sony invited presentation at 2019 AEC/APC Symposium Asia on "The manufacturing and future of Sony CMOS Image Sensor."

"Sony aims to become a smart factory and is working on the following seven projects.
  1. Intelligent manufacturing equipment (utilization of edge computing) = Monitors the sensor output of all manufacturing equipment, automatically detects small fluctuations by machine learning, and performs feedback forward.
  2. Value chain (market submission survey, demand forecast, customer information collection) factory production management based on information)
  3. Intelligent MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  4. Innovative energy system
  5. Integrated IT system
  6. Smart purchasing activities for parts and materials
  7. Smart engineering system (use of big data)
...a number of low-priced surveillance cameras are installed in the manufacturing process, and in combination with AI, efforts are being made to monitor process abnormalities in real time."

The same Symposium also published 2015 Sony paper on Vth variations.

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