Wednesday, December 04, 2019

ON Semi 0.3MP Sensor Wins World Electronics Achievement Award

ON Semi reports that it has won the Innovative Product of the Year award in the sensor category of the World Electronics Achievement Awards (WEAA) 2019 for its recently announced ARX3A0 CMOS sensor.

The 0.3MP sensor features:
  • 1/10th-inch Optical Format
  • Super-Low Power Mode and Motion Detection Function with Smart Wake
  • High Frame Rate of 360fps
  • Ultra-Fast Electronic Rolling Shutter
  • Small Die Size 3.35 mm x 3.40 mm
  • 560 (H) x 560 (V) [1:1] VGA resolution in a square format
  • 2.2 ┬Ám BSI non-stacked pixel
  • Monochrome with NIR+ implementation
  • Low Power consumption:
    less than 19 mW at 30fps
    less than 82 mW at 120fps
    less than 140 mW at 360fps
    less than 3.2 mW standby
  • Smart wake motion detection function

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