Monday, December 02, 2019

Image Sensors at ISSCC 2020

ISSCC 2020 to be held in San Francisco on Feb. 16-20 publishes its agenda with heavy emphasis on ToF imaging. The biggest surprise is a joint Prophesee and Sony paper on event-based sensor:
  • A 240×192Pixel 10fps 70klux 225m-Range Automotive LiDAR SoC Using a 40ch 0.0036mm2 Voltage/Time Dual-Data-Converter-Based AFE
    S. Kondo, H. Kubota, H. Katagiri, Y. Ota, M. Hirono, T. T. Ta, H. Okuni, S. Ohtsuka, Y. Ojima, T. Sugimoto, H. Ishii, K. Yoshioka, K. Kimura, A. Sai, N. Matsumoto,
    Toshiba, Japan
  • A 1200×900 6μm 450fps Geiger-Mode Vertical Avalanche Photodiodes CMOS Image Sensor for a 250m Time-of-Flight Ranging System Using Direct-Indirect-Mixed Frame Synthesis with Configurable-Depth-Resolution Down to 10cm
    T. Okino, S. Yamada, Y. Sakata, S. Kasuga, M. Takemoto, Y. Nose, H. Koshida, M. Tamaru, Y. Sugiura, S. Saito, S. Koyama, M. Mori, Y. Hirose, M. Sawada, A. Odagawa, T. Tanaka,
    Panasonic, Nagaokakyo, Japan
  • An Up-to-1400nm 500MHz Demodulated Time-of-Flight Image Sensor on a Ge-on-Si Platform
    C-L. Chen, S-W. Chu, B-J. Chen, Y-F. Lyu, K-C. Hsu, C-F. Liang, S-S. Su, M-J. Yang, C-Y. Chen, S-L. Cheng, H-D. Liu, C-T. Lin, K. P. Petrov, H-W. Chen, K-C. Chu, P-C. Wu, P-T. Huang, N. Na, S-L. Chen,
    Artilux, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • A Dynamic Pseudo 4-Tap CMOS Time-of-Flight Image Sensor with Motion Artifact Suppression and Background Light Cancelling Over 120klux
    D. Kim, S. Lee, D. Park, C. Piao, J. Park, Y. Ahn, K. Cho, J. Shin, S. M. Song, S-J. Kim, J-H. Chun, J. Choi,
    Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon,
    Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Ulsan, Korea
    Zeeann, Hanam, Korea
  • A 2.1e-Temporal Noise and -105dB Parasitic Light Sensitivity Backside-Illuminated 2.3μm-Pixel Voltage-Domain Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor Using High-Capacity DRAM Capacitor Technology
    J-K. Lee, S. S. Kim, I-G. Baek, H. Shim, T. Kim, T. Kim, J. Kyoung, D. Im, J. Choi, K. Cho, D. Kim, H. Lim, M-W. Seo, J. Kim, D. Kwon, J. Song, J. Kim, M. Jang, J. Moon, H. Kim, C. K. Chang, J. Kim, K. Koh, H. Lim, J. Ahn, H. Hong, K. Lee, H-K. Kang,
    Samsung Electronics, Hwaseong, Korea
  • A 1/2.65in 44Mpixel CMOS Image Sensor with 0.7µm Pixels Fabricated in Advanced Full-Depth Deep-Trench Isolation Technology
    H. Kim, J. Park, I. Joe, D. Kwon, J. H. Kim, D. Cho, T. Lee, C. Lee, H. Park, S. Hong, C. Chang, J. Kim, H. Lim, Y. Oh, Y. Kim, S. Nah, S. Jung, J. Lee, J. Ahn, H. Hong, K. Lee, H-K. Kang,
    Samsung Electronics, Hwaseong, Korea
  • A 132dB Single-Exposure-Dynamic-Range CMOS Image Sensor with High Temperature Tolerance
    Y. Sakano, T. Toyoshima, R. Nakamura, T. Asatsuma, Y. Hattori, T. Yamanaka, R. Yoshikawa, N. Kawazu, T. Matsuura, T. Iinuma, T. Toya, T. Watanabe, A. Suzuki, Y. Motohashi, J. Azami, Y. Tateshita, T. Haruta,
    Sony Semiconductor, Japan
  • A 0.50erms Noise 1.45μm-Pitch CMOS Image Sensor with Reference-Shared In-Pixel Differential Amplifier at 8.3Mpixel 35fps
    M. Sato, Y. Yorikado, Y. Matsumura, H. Naganuma, E. Kato, T. Toyofuku, A. Kato, Y. Oike,
    Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Atsugi, Japan
  • A 0.8V Multimode Vision Sensor for Motion and Saliency Detection with Ping-Pong PWM Pixel
    T-H. Hsu, Y-K. Chen, J-S. Wu, W-C. Ting, C-T. Wang, C-F. Yeh, S-H. Sie, Y-R. Chen, R-S. Liu, C-C. Lo, K-T. Tang, M-F. Chang, C-C. Hsieh,
    National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • A 1280×720 Back-Illuminated Stacked Temporal Contrast Event-Based Vision Sensors with 4.86μm Pixels, 1.066GEPS Readout, Programmable Event-Rate Controller and Compressive Data-Formatting Pipeline
    T. Finateu, A. Niwa, D. Matolin, K. Tsuchimoto, A. Mascheroni, E. Reynaud, P. Mostafalu, F. Brady, L. Chotard, F. LeGoff, H. Takahashi, H. Wakabayashi, Y. Oike, C. Posch,
    PROPHESEE, Paris, France,
    Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Atsugi, Japan,
    Sony Electronics, Rochester, NY


  1. Have you determined if Sony bought Insightnesss... the Sony Sensors website lists Insightness as one of its offices?

    1. The paper is together with Prophesee though, another event-based vision sensor company.


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