Friday, December 13, 2019

CCD History Told by Business Teachers

For those who interested in history, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal publishes a paper "The pre‐commercialization emergence of the combination of product features in the charge‐coupled device image sensor" by Raja Roy, Curba M. Lampert, and MB Sarkar. While the final version of the paper is behind the paywall, there is a number of draft versions openly available on the Internet, for example, here and here. The paper mentions some exotic technologies that industry tried in the early CCD days, like Germanium CCDs, hybrid FSI-BSI devices, peristaltic CCDs:

One of the questions that authors could not answer is "we cannot explain, why early members of the innovation ecosystem—such as TI, RCA, Fairchild, Sony, Matsushita, Kodak, Philips, and others in the context of CCD—exchanged information and recombined knowledge to refine the product design. Do potential buyers strategically make such knowledge flow possible? Are firms in the pre-commercialization phase motivated to recombine knowledge to overcome the initial uncertainties associated with developing the product that meets the needs of large institution buyer? These are some of the critical questions that need to be answered in future research."

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