Monday, December 02, 2019

LiDAR News: Quanergy, Innoviz

MarketWatch: Quanergy CEO says that Elon Musk's criticism of Lidar 'makes no sense':

Innoviz decided to put its non-automotive qualified InnovizPro LiDAR into production. The automotive qualified version named InnovizOne is expected to start sampling next year.


  1. Elon said humans don't have lidar and they're pretty good in driving.
    Quanergy CEO didn't address that argument.

    1. Elon also smokes weed and sends cars into space...

    2. Because it's a poor argument, almost like "horses are fast and don't have wheels, why do cars need them", it not even worth addressing.

  2. He has a point. Why do we need self driving cars to drive through fog, severe weather conditions when we, drivers, don't do it? Better algorithms for object detection and visible wavelength HDR cameras should suffice for me...

  3. Mr Elon Musk said "Lidar is irrelevant in the automotive context" and he is mainly right so far. The only players relying on Lidars are robo-taxis and those guys definitely belong to something else. MaaS is using industrial grade add-on equipments and they happen to buy some cars to make their robotic machines as a mere afterthought. Today lidars do belong to the robotic world and is not yet part of automotive (let's just forget Audi A8 for now).

  4. Human also don't have radar, why tesla use radar.


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