Saturday, December 07, 2019

More About New Snapdragons Imaging Features

Tech2 publishes photos from Qualcomm Summit held on Dec. 3-5, 2019 in Maui, Hawaii. Few interesting pictures, more are in Judd Heape, Qualcomm camera products manager, presentation:

Snapdragon 865 ISP development took 3 years:

Not sure what kind of lower than 1mW power image processing it can perform:

Now, Spectra ISP supports quad CFA processing at the hardware level. No need to convert it to the Bayer pattern:

Few other slides:

Qualcomm also announces Snapdragon XR2 AR/VR Platform supporting 7 cameras on a headset:

"With XR, for the first time a user can be virtually teleported to a new environment. To do this accurately and efficiently, the Snapdragon XR2 introduces support for seven (7) concurrent cameras and a custom computer vision processor. Multiple concurrent cameras enable real-time and highly accurate tracking of the head, lips and eyes together with 26-point skeletal hand tracking. Computer vision provides highly efficient scene understanding and 3D reconstruction. Together, these features allow users to be transported to new environments where they can intuitively interact within a digital world."

Even 7c and 8c compute platforms have quite impressive camera specs:

Qualcomm's competitor Mediatek announced its 5G platform Dimensity. The platform utilizes big-little processing approach featuring "the world’s first 5 core ISP in a unique 3 big plus 2 small design. It offers the best performance to power efficiency index by matching the right size sensor to the most appropriate ISP."

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  1. 960fps unlimited recording, how? does unlimited means time record time unlimited?
    that means very high transfer data rate.
    with c-phy 3.5Gsps * 3 trio(3.5*3*2.28=24Gbps/s)
    960fps HD data : 1280*720*10*960 = 8.24Gbps
    960fps FHD data : 1920*1080*10*960 = 18.54Gbps
    960fps 4K data : 3840*2160*10*960 = 74.16Gbps
    That means SD865 can support 960fps FHD unlimited recording, am i right?


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