Wednesday, December 04, 2019

PMD to Present its 5um ToF Pixels

PMD and Infineon are going to unveil their 5um ToF pixel sensor at CES 2020:

"Our new VGA 3D imager IRS2877C is the highest resolution, most flexible and robust depth sensor we have ever developed. With our new 5µm pmd pixel core, we offer VGA resolution to give your applications more detailed 3D data – e.g. for secure FaceID, AR applications, or enhanced photography. We also have incorporated additional on-chip functionalities to enable smaller and cheaper 3D modules."

Thanks to RW for the link!


  1. With 5um pixel, can't they make a 720p sensor that'll still work well in all small mobile applications? Wondering why ToF is still limited to VGA at such a small pixel size.

    1. I guess 7.3 mm diagonal is not exactly mobile compatible, especially front-side. VGA is gonna be 4 mm diagonal.
      Also, yes there are ToF above VGA, see "A 1200×900 6μm 450fps Geiger-Mode Vertical Avalanche Photodiodes CMOS Image Sensor for a 250m Time-of-Flight Ranging System Using Direct-Indirect-Mixed Frame Synthesis with Configurable-Depth-Resolution Down to 10cm"

  2. Is Microsoft's 3.5um the smallest ToF pixel pitch so far?

  3. Just making ToF-pixels any smaller is not the big deal. But keeping the sensitivity high (Microsoft is not targeting battery powered devices and spending high power for the IR-illumination) and limting the cost at the same time (consumer devices), this is the TRUE challenge. Sony and pmd/Infineon are in a hard race for the high volume smartphone market. pmd/infineon has the better MTF at comparable pixel size.

  4. Looking forward how PMD and Sony will perform in terms of sensitivity & accuracy.

  5. What phone is this new IRS2877C in? The LG ThinQ had the older version. IRS2381C


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