Monday, December 09, 2019

Xiaomi Under-Display Selfie Camera Patent Application

CnTechPost noticed Xiaomi patent application US20190369422 "Display Structure and Electronic Equipment" by Zhihui Zeng, Anyu Liu, Lei Tang, Zhongsheng Jiang, Shaoxing Hu, and Chengfang Sun.

"...there is provided a display structure, which includes: a light adjusting component, where an operating state of the light adjusting component includes a light transmitting state and a polarization state, and the light adjusting component includes a first region and a second region which are independently controllable; and a display screen including a plurality of independently controllable pixels. The light adjusting component is located at a light emitting side of the display screen, and when the first region is in the light transmitting state, the pixels that are in the display screen and correspond to the first region are disabled to allow light emitted from the first region to penetrate through the display screen."

On the figures below,
  • the reference numeral 1 indicates a display structure;
  • the reference numeral 11 indicates a display screen;
  • the reference numeral 12 indicates a light adjusting component;
  • the reference numeral 2 indicates a lens.

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